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The Gardening Cook on Social Media – [Facebook – Pinterest – Twitter]

Join The Gardening Cook on social media. I have profiles on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to share my content and that of others on my social media pages.

The Gardening Cook on Social Media

The Gardening Cook on Social Media

Social media is a large part of marketing for most websites now.  Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are all a good way to spread the word about new content on websites and blogs. 

I have three Facebook pages devoted to my gardening and cooking endeavors.  The pages will have photos as I take them, even if they are not included on this blog.

I am also very active on both Pinterest and Twitter.

Social Media Facebook Pages for The Gardening Cook

The other Facebook page – The Gardening Cook –  has gardening ideas and tips as well as lots of vegetable and flower pictures as well as some more healthy recipes. The Gardening Cook on Facebook

The second of my pages deals with most of my recipes, and is the page connected to my Recipes Just 4U blog.  

The final page features holiday projects and crafts and lots of information about the National Days that we celebrate all through the year. (many are focused on food and the outdoors.) This page ties in with my blog Always The Holidays.

Each of the Facebook pages are a real labor of love for me.  I’ve had both cooking and gardening as hobbies for years. These Facebook pages are a way for me to share this love with my friends.

Between all three pages, I have a combined fan count of over 90,000.  I’d love to see you as a fan too!

You can find all three of my Facebook pages here:

Feel free to like my pages and to post to it or share content on your timeline at Facebook.  I would love to share if you have information about your garden and cooking endeavors too. 

I post to the pages two or three times a week, at least.  There is additional content on the pages which is not on this website.

The Gardening Cook on Pinterest

To follow me on the other social media platforms is easy.  For Pinterest, please visit my Gardening Cook Board.  I have hundreds of interesting boards, that feature cooking, gardening and DIY projects.The Gardening Cook on Pinterest

My followers are now over 110,000 so my content gets seen quite often.  I love to see you come from Pinterest to learn about more gardening topics.

The Gardening Cook on Instagram

My Instagram account features highlights from some of my best posts on all three of my blogs but my main focus is on lovely garden photos.Instagram screenshot

For  Instagram, you can find The Gardening Cook here.

The Gardening Cook on Twitter

I love to tweet and retweet interesting garden ideas and photos, healthy recipes and fun national day topics.Twitter screenshot

I have almost 3000 followers on Twitter. To find me on that social media platform, check out my id – @agardeningcook.

How do you use social media?

Do you use social media to promote your cooking or gardening business?   Have you found that it has helped to grow your business?

Please leave your  ids and experiences with social media in the comments section below so that I can check you out.

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in January of 2013. I have updated the post with all new images, information about my social media followers and a link to my third site.

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