The Gardening Cook has two Facebook Pages now

Social media is a large part of marketing for most websites now.  Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram are all a good way to spread the word about new content on websites and blogs. I have just two new Facebook pages devoted to my gardening and cooking endeavors.  The pages will have photos as I take them, even if they are not included on this blog.

Facebook Pages - Gardening Cook Page Logo

Facebook Pages for The Gardening Cook

I decided to divide the content into two separate Facebook pages.  One deals with most of my recipes, and is the page connected to my Recipes Just 4U blog.  The other page has gardening ideas and tips as well as lots of vegetable and flower pictures as well as some more healthy recipes.  Both are a real labor of love for me.  I’ve had both cooking and gardening as hobbies for years. These Facebook pages are a way for me to share this love with my friends.

You can find both of the pages here:

Feel free to like my pages and to post to it or share content on your timeline at Facebook.  I would love to share if you have information about your garden and cooking endeavors too.  I post to the pages two or three times a week at least.  There is additional content on the pages which is not on this website.

To follow me on the other social media platforms is easy.  For Pinterest, please visit my Gardening Cook Board.  For  Google +, See The Gardening Cook and for Twitter, my id is @agardeningcook.

Do you use social media to promote your cooking or gardening business?   Have you found that it has helped to grow your business?  Please leave your ids  and experiences with social media in the comments section below.

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