Expandable Curtain Rods as Plant Supports

All gardeners know the task of keeping tall flower stalks from flopping over. There are lots of retail supports that you can purchase, but they can be pricey and also sometimes are not the right lengths. A great creative gardening hack is to use expandable curtain rods as plant supports.Curtain rods as expandable plant supports.

It’s Curtain Time for your Flopping Flowers with these DIY plant supports

The answer is easy.  Collect old expandable curtain rods from garage sales and flea market sand keep them handy.  When you have a plant that is likely to flop, put in the expandable rod right next to the stalk and tie it with a small piece of pantyhose (this will protect the stem and gives as the plant grows.)

As the plant gets taller, just extend the top of the rod and tie more stem.   Easy and effective and much cheaper than buying expensive supports.

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They make great tomato plant stakes!

Plant stakes made from expandable curtain rods

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