10 Tips for Creating a Kitchen Gift Basket + a Free Printable

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How to create the perfect kitchen gift basket and get a free printable too.

Do you have a cooking friend who has a birthday or other special day coming up soon?  This easy kitchen gift basket is such a personalized gift for someone who loves to cook.  It is filled with fun, whimsical and useful kitchen items.This whimsical gift basket is the perfect house warming or bridal shower gift. See my 8 easy tips to making the perfect kitchen basket. thegardeningcook.com BlissfulMoments #ad
This easy kitchen gift basket makes the perfect housewarming, bridal shower or wedding gift.  I love how colorful and fun the contents are. Creating a gift basket might seen daunting, but it really is quite easy if you follow just a few easy tips.

1. Start with a theme.   What is the personality of your friend?  Choose items that go along with the type of person that she (or he) is.  For this kitchen gift basket, I wanted a fun theme, so I chose items that are both useful in the kitchen but also whimsical as well.  I wanted my basket to have a a really whimsical look to it to suit my friend’s personality.  supplies for the kitchen gift basket

2. Pick a container. Sure, you can use a normal basket for this project, but whimsical is the name of my game today, so I chose a large fruit basket with a hanging banana holder. It is the perfect size to hold all my ingredients, and has the added benefit that the banana holder can be used to hang my Kitchen cheat sheet gift card, and give the basket some height. This fruit bowl with a built in banana holder makes the perfect gift basket

3. Pick a color.  A good gift basket looks best when the colors of the items in it are coordinated. For me, this means finding lots of blue items with some green and white accents.   I LOVE anything blue.  It is so calming and makes such a pretty gift basket.Blue white and green are my color choices for this kitchen gift basket4. Choose your basket supplies.  Get creative.  Every kitchen gift basket has whisks and spoons in it, but there are so many other really cute and fun items that you can add.  Supplies for my basket include the following:Supplies for the kitchen gift basket

5. Add some filler. A nice gift basket is not one dimensional. It should have some height to it to make the items you add to it look balanced.  I chose crumbled blue tissue paper to add this height for my basket.Add height to the basket with crumpled tissue paper

6. Add a liner.  Rather than just dumping things into my container, I used a lovely blue and white checked tea towel to line my basket.  It adds the color that I was going for, covers the filling material, and is useful later as one of the gift basket kitchen items.Line the basket with a blue tea towel

7. Get creative with your ingredients. This blue pot holder is the perfect place to position the silicone kitchen tools and micro-plane grater, plus it adds some extra height at the back of the basket.This blue pot holder holds the kitchen tools

8. Go for balance when filling.  Add the larger items at the back and balance this out with the smaller items at the front.  Move and re-position until the holes are filled in and the basket looks nice and balanced.Whimsical and useful kitchen items fill the basket

9. Add some ribbon and a gift tag.  My banana holder stem is the perfect place to use the decorative ribbon AND to hold my printable cheat sheet gift card.  Twisting the ribbon around the banana holder hides it, and I can put my name on the back of the cheat sheet printable and hang it as a gift card.   Since it is printed out on glossy photo paper, it can also be saved to use later in the kitchen as a cookbook book mark!   Ribbons cover the banana holder and hold the gift card10. Be sure to add something tasty to the basket to eat.  Most cooks also love to eat!  The Betty Crocker™ Sweet Rewards Butterscotch Blondie Bar can be enjoyed some coffee in the mug that is part of the gift basket. These new bars from Betty Crocker™ are convenient, single serve bars that are indulgent treats – perfect for an on-the-go cook  And did I say tasty?  OH MY YES!! They are so delicious and have a nice soft texture to them.  My kind of treat!

Relax with a Betty Crocker™ Soft Baked Bar and a cup of coffee

If you follow these 10 easy tips, you can make sure that your kitchen gift basket will be one that your cooking friend will love to receive and use for years to come.

Free Printable:

This free printable shows many of the common kitchen measurements in an easy to read chart.  You can print it out here.  I chose a 4 x 6″ size for the gift tag, or you can choose the 8 1/2 x 11″ size if you want to print it to use on the back of a kitchen cabinet door.  I printed mine out on glossy photo paper for a polished look. It makes the perfect gift card!This kitchen cheat sheet gives some common kitchen conversions.

Would you like to make this kitchen gift basket for one of your cooking friends?  Head on over to Walmart and visit the cereal aisle for the Betty Crocker™ Soft Baked Bars and then cruise the household and craft section of the store to select your gift additions and decorating supplies.

Betty Crocker™ Soft Baked Bars collage

Looking for some more inspiration for your Blissful Moments?  Please visit Betty Crocker for some great ideas.

Have you ever made a gift basket for one of your cooking friends?  What items did you put into the basket?  Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  9 comments for “10 Tips for Creating a Kitchen Gift Basket + a Free Printable

  1. 02/29/2016 at 4:41 pm

    That’s a sweet basket! The printable is adorable and the whole idea would be fabulous for a wedding shower. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Carol
      03/01/2016 at 12:20 pm

      Thanks Terri. Glad you liked it.

  2. 02/29/2016 at 5:37 pm

    This is very creative. I have a friend who always does theme gifts and it is always fun seeing what she comes up with. Great post!

    • Carol
      03/01/2016 at 12:19 pm

      Thanks Heather. It was a lot of fun to put together.

  3. 03/01/2016 at 8:32 am

    What a great tutorial!! So many people would like to give a basket like this, but don’t really know where to start. Love the printouts too!

  4. 03/02/2016 at 7:51 pm

    What a great gift idea! thanks for sharing!

    • Carol
      03/03/2016 at 11:39 am

      my pleasure Renee.

  5. 03/07/2016 at 1:38 pm

    What a brilliant gift idea, and I love how you added trinkets of fun and items to add height. Do you then just wrap it in a clear plastic wrap to keep everything together when gifting?

    • Carol
      03/07/2016 at 5:02 pm

      Hi Julie. Glad you liked the project. Yes, that is what I do at the end. It makes for a better display at gift time. Carol

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