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Easy DIY Jar Opener – Just use a Rubber Band – Today’s Tip

The older I get, the more I start to believe that some jar lids were just not meant to be opened.  Some just seem impossible to shift. So, it is no surprise that this idea for a Easy DIY Jar Opener appeals to me.

Rubber Bands make a great jar opener

A simple couple of household Rubber Bands make a great Easy DIY Jar Opener.

There are all sorts of gadgets out there that help to open stuck on jar lids. (My favorite one is my husband’s strong hands! LOL)  Some openers, such as this onefrom Kuhn Rikon claims that it should open any jar. 

jaropenerWhen I lived in Australia, I had a rubber jar opener that looked like this red one from Prepworks.  

Rubber Jar openerBut if you are looking for an inexpensive DIY Jar Opener idea for those times when you don’t have a store bought jar opener, just use a couple of thick rubber band. What could be simpler or less expensive?

If your jar lid is stuck, wrap a rubber bands around the lid and give it another twist. The rubber bands gives the top of the jar and the lid some extra friction and makes opening the jar as easy as can be.

Rubber Band jar openerNow what could be easier than that?  If they break, just grab another rubber band and off you go!

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