Microwave Containers make Great Drainage Hole Covers

Drainage hole covers can be a tricky thing to find for your plant pots. Without one, though, the soil will eventually wash through the hole in the bottle and the plant will settle.

Drainage Hole Covers

Recycle Microwavable Trays Drainage Hole Covers

There are many things that you can use…piece of broken pots, small stones.  One neat trick makes use of something we often just throw away – microwaveable frozen meal containers.

The ones that steam veggies quickly are a great size for many pots.  Just push it snugly into the bottom of the pot to cover the drainage hole and you have a great way to keep the soil in. 

The width of the container also means that you will save money on soil too, since you won’t need as much in the pot!

Idea Shared from Garden Gate Magazine.

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  1 comment for “Microwave Containers make Great Drainage Hole Covers

  1. Krys
    11/21/2019 at 4:45 pm

    This is such a great idea!

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