DIY Seed Starting Tray – Rotisserie Chicken Container

This is the time of the year for seed starting in many parts of the country.  You can purchase all sorts of them from The big box home improvement stores, but why not recycle things you have on hand?  This DIY Seed Starting Tray makes a great seed started and is a good size too.

DIY Seed Starting Tray

DIY Seed Starting Tray from Recycled Chicken Container

This is a really fun project to do with your kids.  I love to encourage children to do what they can for gardening tasks. It will make them life long gardeners and is a wonderful way to spend time with them.

Be sure to get a rotisserie tray that is fairly sturdy.  Not all rotisserie containers are the same.  Some can be quite brittle.  They even come ready made with vents!  

The containers also come in different sizes.  The jumbo sized one that I get from my local Sam’s Club will hold much more soil than a smaller chicken container.

Just add some seed starting soil, water and keep warm. 

Keep an eye on the moisture. When the seedlings have emerged, move to a sunny spot and you’ll have a head start on gardening.Rotisserie tray used as a seed planter

This rotisserie tray can also be used to make a mini terrarium.  To do this, use a sharp Exacto knife and cut a fairly good sized hole on the top of the plastic dome.  

Doing this will allow extra moisture to be released if your dome does not have a lot of vents and makes watering easier if you need to do this. Without the hole, the plants in side may rot from too much humidity.  

Place a shallow layer of terrarium rocks in the bottom of the tray for drainage and add terrarium potting soil to almost the top of the tray part.  

Plant with your favorite plants, water lightly and add the dome.  The dome will keep in humidity but if you need to water, a plant mister will often be all that you need.

Just spray the soil lightly. Terrariums don’t need a lot of water, particularly if you plant succulentsin them.

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