DIY Miniature Gumdrop Topiary

Do it Yourself – Gumdrop Candy Topiary

This sweet DIY Miniature Gumdrop Topiary will be the center of attention on your Christmas table. The only problem will be keeping it decorated until the end of the evening of your party! Gum Drop Topiary DIY Project. See my step by step tutorial at project is fun and easy to do.  Just assemble all of your materials.  You will need the following supplies:

supplies for gumdrop topiaryUse a pair of snips to cut your toothpicks in half. cut your toothpicksCut the curled part of the candy cane off and push it into the middle of the bottom of the Styrofoam ball. styrofoam ballStick the cut end of the half toothpicks into the ball.  You will need to test a few to see how close to place them so the gum drops cover well. add the gumdropsPush the gumdrops on to the pointed end of the toothpicks, alternating the colors at random. gumdrops in styrofoamCut a hole in the top of the apple so that the candy cane will sit well into it.  (needs to go down quite a way to hold the weight of the ball). ccandy cane in appleCut a few pieces from a red Twizzlers licorice stick.  Place them into the hold next to the candy cane. This will help support the candy cane and hide the hole in the apple. fill up the holeTake the red velvet bow and tie it around the licorice pieces and twist at the back to secure. Add a bell and bowDisplay with pride! Miniature gumdrop topiary

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