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DIY Blue Spruce Stocking Wreath

Make  your Own Blue Spruce Stocking Wreath.

A great wreath makes a wonderful welcoming accent to your front door for the holiday season, as well as for other times of the year.  This festive DIY blue spruce stocking wreath is quite different from the circular shaped wreaths so commonly seen at Christmas time and you can make it yourself. The colorful Blue branches also add a great pop of color to your front door.

DIY Blue Spruce Stocking WreathTo make the Blue Spruce Stocking wreath, you will need the following supplies:  (affiliate links)

Start by bending the heavy gauge wire into a stocking shape.  This one is 24″ long and about 12″ wide.  When you get to the middle top, bend each ending piece into a hook using the pliers and hook them together, making your form. Your form will look something like this drawing:

wreath formAbout 6″ below the top of the form, start wrapping the medium gauge wire around the form, pulling it tight against the form to make cross bars. Leave the ends about 3″ long and wrap it to secure.

Make some cross bars on the form about 6″ apart.  Wrap the whole form with florists wire.

Starting at the toe, attach the pine cones using the florist’s wire. Cover the heel and cuff of the stocking with the pine cones in the same way.

Go back to the bottom again and start attaching the blue spruce sprigs with florist wire.  I chose blue spruce because of the wonderful color that it has as well as the little brown bumps that add some dimension.

blue spruceFill in the bottom from heel to toe by attaching them to the bottom cross bar being sure to overlap the sprigs.  Continue covering the rest of the cross bars in the same manner, ending with smaller pine cones at the cuff area.

Make a star by attaching pine cones together in a star shape and add a larger and more round pine cone in the center of it.  Attach this near the top of the stocking underneath the cuff area.

Pine cone starTo make the bow, fold the ribbon, accordion style, making five folds about 10″ long. Tie the center with florist’s wire making a five loop bow being sure to leave some extra wire to attach.  Tie it to the top left area with the extra wire and fan out the loops. Trim the ends on the diagonal.Satin bowTo make the hanging loop, cut 20″ of the medium gauge wire. Fold it in half and twist the ends together to form the loop.  Twist the ends of the loop to the back of the upper left corner of the wreath. Hand on your front door with pride.DIY Blue spruce stock wreath adds a nice pop of colorDoesn’t this blue spruce stock wreath add a nice pop of color on a plain white front door?

Blue spruce stock wreath

Inspiration for the project is an old issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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