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Delicates Laundry Bags Set of Four Review #laundry

My review of these Delicates Laundry Bags.

I am not much of one for laundry gadgets and aids.  I like to just put my laundry in and forget about it.  But I had the opportunity to test these delicates laundry bags recently and am so glad I did.

Delicates Laundry Bag ReviewI received these laundry bags from Inside Smarts for an honest review of the product.  In the past, I just put my delicate items into a zippered pillow case. It protected them, for sure but did not get them as clean as I would have liked. (affiliate link)

These laundry bags are so different.  The material is a silky mesh and this allows detergent and fabric softener to get to the delicates more easily and it keeps them from getting tangled on parts of the machine.

silky mesh materialThe bags are really well made.  Inside seams are done in such a manner that the bags will not fray with use in the machine. The zippers are a durable, plastic material, so they will not rust during use. All zip well and the opening are large enough to get the delicates inside them easily.

plastic zippers

The bags come in a set of four.  2 Medium Bags (12″ x 15″) & 2 Large Bags (16″ x 19″).  The sizes are large enough to hold single items or some combined items in the larger bags. (What a great way to wash socks so that you don’t lose them!)

set of four laundry bags

I received these bags for free so that I could try the product but the review is my honest opinion.  I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a way to wash delicates.

See The delicate laundry bags on Amazon – $15.99.

Visit Inside Smarts Website.

Delicates laundry bag

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