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Daylily Photo Gallery

If you are fond of growing perennials, you really should try daylilies. They are one of my favorite plants that come back each year.

There is such a variety of bloom style, color and temperament. and they are very easy to grow.

Beginning and seasoned gardeners love them, and other than a bit of deadheading, they require very little care.

There are so many types that it is hard to know what you have in your garden. This daylily photo gallery should help you out.  If you have ever wondered what the daylily that you purchased is called, check these out!

Do you love to grow daylilies? So do I. This daylily photo gallery gives names of many varieties of this gorgeous perennial

If you have ever taken day trips, I’m sure you have seen huge patches of yellow daylilies growing along the interstate highways.

These Stella D’oro daylilies are the most common type of daylily available.

But why stop there when there are so many more varieties to choose from?

stella d'oro daylily

What are Daylilies?

Daylilies are a perennial plant. They grow from a bulb and naturalize to increase in size each year. They bloom all summer long, in contrast to Asiatic, Oriental and Easter lilies, which have a more limited bloom time.

Once they have been planted and tended for the first year, they are very easy to manage each year and will give you a long bloom time in late spring and summer.


Daylilies are one of the easiest plants to grow.  I have many colors and types in my garden beds. They come in many shapes from frilly double petals to spidery types.

The bloom time varies from early to mid and late season.  Some types will re-bloom for long lasting summer color.

Daylily Photo Gallery

Even though each daylily is grown in much the same as the others, their colors and types vary widely, as this gallery will show.

I hope that you enjoy this virtual tour of daylilies. I would also love it if you would share photos of your favorite daylily variety along with the name.  Just upload the photo to your comments and I’ll include it in my gallery with a shout out to you.

This daylily gallery is a work in progress. I’ll be adding to it periodically as I find new daylilies to label for you. Be sure to check back often to see updates to the page.

Grab a cup of coffee and have fun browsing through this daylily photo gallery.

Daylilies A-OThis collection of daylilies have names beginning with A through O

The first batch of daylilies have names that start with the letters A through O.  Earth, Wind and Fire is one of my favorites. I love the curled petals on it!

Admiral's Magic DaylilyAdmiral’s Magic A Gathering of Angels DaylilyA Gathering of Angels
Alien Encounter DaylilyAlien Encounter Anaconda DaylilyAnaconda
Ashley Danielle DaylilyAshley Danielle Banana Boogie Bait DaylilyBanana Boogiebait
Carolina Octopus DaylilyCarolina Octopus Classic Edge DaylilyClassic Edge
Fooled Me DaylilyFooled Me Huge Nourse DaylilyHuge Nourse
I have issues DaylilyI have Issues King George DaylilyKing George
Old Termite DaylilyOld Termite Oriental Dancer DaylilyOriental Dancer

Daylilies P-ZThese daylilies are named starting with the letters P through Z

These daylilies have the names beginning with P through to Z. I have several of them growing in my garden right now.

Red Vols is a Better Homes and Garden daylily of the year for 2000!

PIrates Patch DaylilyPirate’s Patch Primal Scream DaylilyPrimal Scream
Red Vols DaylilyRed Vols Rio Olympiad DaylilyRio Olympiad
Sand Artistry DaylilySand Artistry Sanford House DaylilySanford House
Skullduggery DaylilySkullduggery Smell the rain DaylilySmell the Rain
Thoroughly Modern Millie DaylilyThoroughly Modern Millie Up Mill Creek DaylilyUp Mill Creek
Walk on the Beach DaylilyWalk on the Beach Wild Child DaylilyWild Child

These images and the video in this daylily photo gallery are copyright of The Gardening Cook.  Please do not use them without my written permission.

Daylily Growing Conditions

Absolute conditions depend on the variety, but as a general rule of thumb, follow these tips for easy care growing of daylilies.

Sunlight:  Full Sun. Will tolerate some light shade conditions.

Soil: Well draining soil. Add organic matter such as compost when planting.

Watering:  Keep evenly moist the first year as the plant is getting established.  After that, they can tolerate less water.

Propagation:  Best way is division after the third year to get more plants for free.

Bloom time: Early, Mid and Late season depending on variety.  Some will re-bloom.

Do you love flowers?  See my flower board on Pinterest for more daylily and other perennial favorites.

If you love garden tours, be sure to check out my post on the Daylilies of Wildwood Farms.  It’s a great place to spend the day if you are in Virginia.

If you would like to be reminded of this daylily photo gallery, pin this image to one of your Pinterest boards for easy access later.This daylily photo gallery will give you the names of many beautiful daylily varieties

Now I want to hear from you. Which is your favorite must have daylily? Please let me know in the comments below.

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in July of 2016. I have updated the daylily gallery to add several new named varieties for your gardening help and a video for you to enjoy.

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Monday 23rd of August 2021



Wednesday 8th of April 2020

First time user Love that you are doing this. I have a day lily that flowered today in the collection I have been given it is called ANDY CANDY looks the same as one you have named as A GATHERING OF ANGLES. I have tried to attached an image so hope I have.

Carol Speake

Thursday 9th of April 2020

Many daylilies are very similar in look but have different names. I have several different ones in my garden that all look the same. It is hard to name them unless you have the name at time of purchase.


Monday 6th of August 2018

I love this! I'm a daylily addict. I have more on my wish list than I will ever have room for.


Monday 6th of August 2018

Gorgeous daylily flower! I just started collecting them a few years ago and can't get enough. Carol


Monday 8th of August 2016

Absolutely love daylilies and this gallery is wonderful :-)


Monday 8th of August 2016

Thanks Kathie. I had so much fun at the daylily farm taking all the photos and then researching all the names. Carol

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