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Creative Uses of Often Wasted Home Spaces

These are great uses of Space.

I live in quite a small home, so space is always at a premium for me.  I love to look at photos that show creative ways to make use of space that might otherwise be wasted.

Creative uses of often wasted storage spaceHere are some of my favorite uses of often wasted spaces.  Just click on any of the images to go to the original source.

Cozy nook in unused space under the stairs.This cozy reading and relaxing nook makes great use of wasted space under the stairs.  Source Houzz Via Indulgy.

Built in Wine Storage between two wallsAnother use of the space between two walls.  This time the space is used for wine storage.  Source FC Studio.

Narrow Shelving makes great use of this tiny bathroom spaceNarrow Shelving makes a great use of this often wasted bathroom space and gives extra storage to a tiny bathroom too.  Source:  Shelterness.

HIdden Bar between two rooms.This clever design uses a space between the walls of two rooms to include a slide out mini bar.  Source:  Indulgy.

Wonderful Use of space under a Stairway.What a fabulous idea. This often closed in space under the stair way has been opened and now features a small office area.  Source:  Houzz

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