Re-blooming Iris Varieties and Colors

Reblooming Irises give you a second round of color.

If you love growing perennials, you will probably have an iris or two in your garden. There is nothing quite like a re-bloom of your favorite flower later in the year. A re-blooming iris gives me a chance to enjoy the beauty twice in one season. Readers of my blog know that I am a…

Fourth of July DIY Home Projects

Creative 4th of July DIY projects

The 4th of July is traditionally a time for family and friend get-togethers.  Why not entertain in style with one of these neat Patriotic Fourth of July DIY projects? Decorate your home and yard with these Fourth of July DIY Home Projects These are easy projects with a traditional red, white and blue theme.  Most…

Growing Dianthus Barbatus (Sweet William) and Other Garden Pinks

How To Grow Sweet William - Dianthus Barbadus

Sweet Williams have pretty fringed flowers that grow in a cluster on top of a long stalk. Dianthus Barbatus is a lovely variety of the dianthus species. These growing tips will help you to get it going in your garden. Fragrance Carnations and pinks have a strong fragrance with a spicy scent. Sweet William, however, bears…