DIY Projects

Looking for fun and decorative projects to use around your home? Try one of these easy DIY projects to add a special look to any room.

Making Tamarind Paste – Tamarind paste ingredients

Tamarind Paste

Tamarind Paste is one of those ingredients that is necessary for Thai cooking but also one that the average cook does not stock.   Luckily for us, it is easily made with just four common ingredients. This paste is found in Asian food stores and on Amazon. (affiliate link) Unfortunately, unless you have an International store…

Microwave Containers make Great Drainage Hole Covers

Drainage Hole Covers

Drainage hole covers can be a tricky thing to find for your plant pots. Without one, though, the soil will eventually wash through the hole in the bottle and the plant will settle. Recycle Microwavable Trays Drainage Hole Covers There are many things that you can use…piece of broken pots, small stones.  One neat trick…

Log Planters – Great DIY Project for Old Logs

Logs of all types repurposed as planters

Log Planters make use of old fallen logs so they are a great way to recycle.  Plus, with a bit of creativity, you will have a unique garden addition. Log Planters are a Natural Addition to Any Yard. They can be very large and take up quite a bit of space, or you can use…

Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Decorative Cup

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a very healthy vegetable.  They are also very easy to grow, from both seedling or from seeds. But growing sweet potatoes can also be done by using the potato itself. Why does this work? This technique uses a plan similar to that of growing an avocado. When the tip of the potato…