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Boxwood Wreath Bird Feeder DIY Project

Some of you may remember that I made a boxwood wreath for the first time in December last year for Christmas.   I’ve long since removed the Christmas decorations but left it hanging and it has started to dry out.  I decided to re-purpose it into a bird feeder for my backyard test garden.
DIY Boxwood Wreath Bird FeederMy husband is English and is fond of boxwood bushes and hedges, so it was a nice surprise for him to come home to. This is the wreath that I made from a few months ago:

Boxwood Christmas wreathAnd this is the way it looks now.  Slightly dried but with a bit of green still left.   I’m amazed it still has this much color after all these months!

Dried boxwood wreath I thought it would be perfect to hang some bird feeder ornaments that my friend gave me as a gift recently.  I found them when I was putting away the outside lights that decorate the two boxwood bushes by our front door.

Star shaped bird feeder ornamentsThe project is very easy to do.  All you need for supplies are the following items:

  • One dried out wreath
  • 6 star shaped bird feeder ornaments (If you can’t find these, just cover some fruit or cookies with peanut butter and bird see and they will work just fine!)
  • floral pins
  • 7 – 12″ pieces of twine

To start I cut the twine into six pieces about 12 inches long each.

twine for the ornaments.Next, I inserted a piece of the twine inside the top of a floral pin.

twine and floral pinsIn goes the floral pin into the top of the bird seed ornament and push to secure.

Floral pin with twine goes into the bird seed ornament.I just wrapped the twine around the back of the wreath form and tied it securely and then positioned the branches of the wreath so that it covered the twine.

Bird seed ornaments tied to boxwood wreath.All that was left to do is loop the final piece of twine through the back of the wreath form and hang it in the middle of my test garden.  And now to wait for the birds to discover it. What a treat it will be for them!

Boxwood wreath bird feeder

Here is a step by step collage showing how to finish the project.

DIY Bird Feeder Wreath. Repurpose and old Christmas wreath to feed the birds!Do you feed the birds at your house?  What type of bird feeder do you use?  Please leave your comments below.

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Audrey Naylor

Friday 22nd of January 2016

I do feed the birds at my house, first job every morning. I have a table with a roof, on there I put the food in a bowl, with a big stone in it, to stop it tipping up and blowing away. I have a square mesh feeder on the ground, next to a bowl of fresh water. Then I have niger seeds in a hanger feeder, and I have hearts in another feeder, and then I have water hanging up, and I have a container that has nesting material, where the birds help themselves. I have on my fence, A robin open froot nest box and a nest basket x5 dotted round the garden and some high up. I get plenty of birds, Robins, blackbirds, sparrows. starlings, wood pigeon, and the black collared Doves. I have a thrush, blue tits, chaffinch, a tree creeper, even had a wood pecker. long tailed tits. So I spend a lot of time watching them.


Friday 22nd of January 2016

HI Audrey. How wonderful that you have all those birds each day to watch! Carol

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