Avoid these Blogging Mistakes to Make your Blog Better

Blogging Mistakes that Every Blogger Should Know About

Blogging tips - avoid this to make your blog betterI enjoy writing about gardening and cooking. But writing an effective blog is not just about putting words to a computer screen. There are many things that a blogger needs to know to make sure that the effort they put into an article is going to be effective.

Every blogger knows that content and keywords are two important things to remember when writing blog posts. Here are some blogging mistakes that you should avoid if you wish to have your blog rank highly in Google search.

  1. Avoid Cute, overly clever or confusing headlines. Sure, it is good to be creative when you write, but if you are too clever with your headlines, no one will know what it is that you want to say, and this goes double for search engines.
  2. Posting Content when your viewers won’t see it. If you write a blog, you should have some sort of pattern to the timing of your posts. If you write too rarely, people will think you have stopped posting and won’t come back. Also be aware of when your viewers are likely to be around. For instance, people are very interested in fashion right before the weekend. If you write a jewelry blog, as I also do, Thursday is probably one of the days that it is good to write articles,  and the weekend is probably better avoided.
  3. Forgetting to monetize your blog. You spend a lot of time writing to your blog. Enable Google adsense or other affiliate ads, or included links to places where you sell your products and services.
  4. Having a Lack of useful Information. Content is key in a blog. If you regularly include good information, you will get many visitors and people will book mark your blog and visit it frequently. You can include personal bits and pieces from time to time, but fresh new content is the key to a high ranking blog. This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes you can make.
  5. Forgetting to add engaging images. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes – especially when it comes to flowers and food! Good images instantly grab your readers and keep them on your site long enough to read what you have to say. Be sure to add alt tags to your images too, so that the search engine spiders will pick them up as content.
  6. Thinking that people actually read your whole blog. Research has shown that only about 16% of your viewers will read your post word for word. The rest will scan. Make it easy for them to do this. Use highlighted text and ordered lists so that they can get the gist of the article from scanning the page. If it is interesting enough, they may actually go back and read the entire post!
  7. Self promoting too heavily. This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes. Yes, you want to get people to be interested in buying your product or service, but people don’t want to be spammed on a blog post any more than they do in email. Be subtle. Keep the content about the topic and make sales references a minor part of the article.
  8. Forgetting about SEO. Things have changed over the years as to what the search engines consider important to rank your blog highly, but some metadata still does matter. Title tags, descriptions and alt tags for images are important so that your readers can easily share your blog posts on the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  9. Not Linking to Old posts and social sites. I have links to my social networking sites in this post and also to some older posts on our site. I do this for several reasons. Doing so helps me prove my point. It gives new life to the old posts and directs people to our social sites so they can follow them and share the content. It links to words that I want the article to rank highly with, and it directs Google spiders though-out my site.
  10. Creating long and clunky URLS. The original Url for this page was going to be: https://thegardeningcook.com/avoid-these-blogging-mistakes-to-make-your-blog-better, and I edited it to be: https://thegardeningcook.com/blogging-mistakes/. You will do better in the SEO landscape if you have recognizable words in the URL which are those that people use to search. Don’t make it hard to find you with long and clunky URLS.

If you avoid these 10 blogging mistakes, and rely on some good blogging resources, you will have a better than average chance of getting your content noticed by Google, and also will succeed in getting lots of followers. Can you think of other things that will be costly blogging mistakes for your blog? I’d love to hear about them in the content section below.

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  2 comments for “Avoid these Blogging Mistakes to Make your Blog Better

  1. Carole
    02/09/2015 at 10:16 am

    Thank you!
    I am trying to start a blog to track my weight loss journey and having a tough time starting. Your input was so helpful. I hope to get it up and running soon. I have had such a difficult time losing weight and finally found a method that works. I hope to share this with others who are struggling as well.

    • admin
      02/09/2015 at 12:38 pm

      Hi Carole. I’ve also struggled with weight loss. Hope your journey goes well! Carol

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