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Blog Planner Review for 2017

Sarah from My Joy Filled Life has a wonderful blog planner for sale.  The planner is the perfect addition to anyone who blogs, even if only party time.   I use her blogging planner on a daily basis and would not be without it.  It has everything you need to make sure that your blog performs well all year long.

2017 Blog Planner
The planner has a day by day calendar to help with planing and scheduling your upcoming blog posts, and to make sharing to social media a snap.  If you have priced any planners lately, you will know that the price of $5.99 is a steal, even though you have to print it out yourself. (101 pages, so an additional couple of dollars in paper in ink.

I love the graphics that Sarah uses on her planner and everything that I need to think about for promoting my blog comes with the planner.  It is very well thought out and great to use.

I love the planner because it is what I call a “thought jogger.”  It not only has a week by week planner built into it but has additional pages for social media, for blog planning and many other tasks that a blogger will use.  


If you are serious about blogging full time, or even part time, you need a plan of some sort.  Just “winging it, won’t cut it.”  This planner will help you start 2017 off in an efficient way and will keep you focused during the year. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I still find this sort of a planner useful.

You can see more info on the planner here:  2017 Blog Planner.  

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