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3 Easy Bulbs to Grow for Early Spring

Are you looking for something that will welcome in spring with a splash of color next year? These 3 easy bulbs will bring you color year after year.

Spring is such a special time of the year.  There is nothing quite like walking around a garden bed that shows a hint of what is to come with perennial bulbs starting to flower. 

Annuals can be planted when the weather is warm enough, and perennials will come back year after year, but usually bloom in late spring.

To get the color that spring bulbs bring to your garden, you need to plan ahead by planting some bulbs in fall. These are three of the easiest bulbs to care for.

3 Easy bulbs for a great display in early spring. See them at

Plant these bulbs in fall for a blast of early spring color.

3 Easy Bulbs for Early Spring.

It’s been a long winter everywhere in the country.  I have lived in NC for 21 years and cannot remember when we had such a late spring here.  Normally, by this time of the year, I have loads of vegetables and flowers, but not this year!

Are you ready for spring?  Check out my early spring gardening check list here.

There is promise though.  I recently wrote an article on spring in my garden in March.  I did it mainly to show myself that there is actually a bit of color already.

Today, I went outside and got a delight in my front garden bed.   I’ve got a beautiful show of three early spring bulbs:  Hyacinths, Tulips and Daffodils.  (I had a few crocuses earlier too but don’t have any of these planted in the front bed.)

Nothing starts my day off on the right foot like going out front to my large garden bed.

I spent 44 hours tilling the soil and removing the sod by hand, so even though this is not my largest bed, it is the one closest to my heart. Today when I was outside, I was greeted with this display.

My front garden bed in AprilThe colors on the tulips is just fabulous and they are only about 1/3 opened.  Can’t wait to see them next week!

Tulips in my garden bedThe thing that I live most about tulips is how striking the color is.  They are very short lived, but so worth having just for those few weeks.

Display of vibrant tulips in my front gardenI love the variegation on this beauty!

Variegated tulip in my garden in April

Check out this post for tips on growing tulips.

While I had a great display of tulips this year, the main problem with growing tulip bulbs in a cottage garden is dealing with squirrels. See how to keep squirrels from digging up bulbs here.

My daffodils are almost done in many areas of my garden, but the front bed still has a lovely display of them.  It gets full sun and some of the other beds are a bit more shaded. Sun rules!

Daffodils in full bloomI have both plain white and also yellow and white.  The two colored ones are my favorites.  The cheery yellow center seems as though it is greeting me with a smile.

Two colored Daffodil is so cheeryNew to my garden this year are my hyacinths.  I’ve had them inside as forced bulbs but never found them as bulbs in my garden centers.

This year Lowe’s had flats of them ready to bloom.  They were a bit expensive but I had wanted them so much I sprang for two trays of them in two colors.

Hyacinths in flatsThat is how they looked about 10 days ago.  Today I have several clumps of them that look like this:

Pink and blue hyacinthsThe pink color is deep and vibrant and as plump as can be.

Pink HyacinthsAnd the blue…well anyone who knows flowers, is aware how rare it is to find blue flowers. The color on these is just fabulous!

Blue hyacinthsThere you have it. Three easy to grow bulbs for a great show in early spring.  And the wonderful thing is that, like all bulbs, you plant them once and they come back year after year.

Best of all, the clumps will naturalize and get larger each year.

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