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My Test Garden has Been Included in a Garden Hop

My test garden has been included in a garden hop.  A gardening group that I belong to on Facebook has put together a group of garden tours to be featured on Facebook, Pinterest and Home Talk.  The tour will take place this weekend and is being heavily promoted on all three sites.

Garden Hop
Let’s go To the Hop!  A 12 Garden Hop that is!

The hop features 12 garden tours.  You will be amazed at the creativity and imagination shown in the gardens featured.  It is always fun to see what other gardeners have for ideas to improve their outdoor spaces.

The tour was organized by Barb from Our Fairfield Home and Garden. You can view larger images of the 12 gardens included as well as links to more photos on Our Fairfield Home and Garden Tour.

Here are some additional photos from my garden beds that are not shown in Barb’s garden tour.  They show some close ups of some of the flowers and plants growing in my garden right now.

Eastern Black Swallowtail feeding on Zinnias

Eastern Black Swallowtail feeding on Zinnias.

Black eyed Susans

Black eyed Susan are one of the really hardy plants that does not mind the summer sun and flowers all summer long.


I love the look of the exotic foliage of Caladiums.  They look wonderful in a  shade garden. They do flower, but the plant is grown mainly for its lovely foliage.

Variegated Hosta

I have dozens of varieties of hostas in my shady garden beds.  Their bright foliage adds interest to the summer garden all season long.

Elephant Ears first discovered growing in a compost pile.

This Elephant ears plant was found growing in my compost pile. Just a tiny bit of the bulb will regrow easily.


Gazanias have a pretty daisy like flower.  It mounds beautifully and adds pops of color in my garden beds.

One of many zinnias

Orange zinnas are popular with butterflies and bees.

Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflowers are a very hardy perennials.  I like to leave the seed heads at the end of the season for the birds to feast on in winter.

Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers have plump hot air shaped flowers right before they open. The kids will love them!

Pink Gladioli

Gladioli are in all my garden beds. They were my dad’s favorite flowers and I think of him often when I admire them!

Thanks to Barb for including my Garden in her tour and to Melissa for the great graphic!

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Thursday 8th of August 2013

Wow - your flowers are spectacular! And clearly the butterflies approve!


Friday 9th of August 2013

Thanks Melissa!

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