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11 Tips to Help Grow your Blog Presence on Pinterest

Pinterest Tips to Better Promote Your Blog

Pinterest is growing – and quickly. It is now rivaling Twitter for the number 2 spot in Social Media and will only improve.  It is now my #1 referrer to my blog.  These Pinterest Tips will help you to market your blog on this fast moving and highly visual social platform.10 Pinterest Tips to help grow your blog

Pinterest is a vast sea of images, ideas and photos that will keep you addicted for hours if you let it. Small businesses are vying with each other for a piece of the huge attention on Pinterest. Those in a female field – fashion, jewelry, cooking, or decorating – will probably find it easy to get their niche on Pinterest. But not every industry can find an obvious fit int he Pinterest scheme of things. Even though Pinterest does seem to be a female based platform, these Pinterest tips should have you successfully pinning and attracting followers, no matter what your business is.

  1. Be sure your content is pin worthy. Sure you may have a pair of shoes that is a great deal and should interest anyone, but if the image you uploaded to Pinterest is not top quality, no one will want to pin. There are thousands of images pinned every minute on Pinterest. Spend some time on your photos to make sure your are attractive and engaging. This is definitely #1 in importance in my list of Pinterest tips.
  2. Use Tall photos instead of wide ones.  It makes sense to use a great photo but images that are tall rather than square or wide seem to get more traction on Pinterest.  Tall images also take up more space on the feed and are more readily seen.
  3. Sync your social sites. Anytime you do one thing in social media, it pays to link it to another site. If you pin something, put that same image on your Facebook page and tweet it to your Twitter id. You may have different followers on the account. Sharing the content will do two things. It will broaden your content and lighten your social media load since you will have all available links open at the same time.
  4. Use Pin it Buttons. Be sure to add a “pin it” button to your website, particularly for retail products. Pinterest, according to statistics, has the best share of social sites which lead to sales.
  5. Use Alt tags to add a great description.  Have you ever tried to pin a photo and the description pops up with only the name of the photo or a bunch of numbers?  It takes time for the pinner to have to type in a description. Add one yourself in the alt tag field to make sure it will get re-pinned and say what you want it to.
  6. Avoid blatant self promotion. There is a right and a wrong way to pin to Pinterest. All social networks discourage blatant self promotion. Think outside the box. Do you sell flower jewelry? Set up a board for flowers and post engaging pictures of flowers and plants. Tuck in some flower themed jewelry and you will subtly encourage people to your website, without using a blatant “buy me” style of pinning.
  7. Follow leaders in your Field. They are leaders for a reason. Study their pins and boards. What do they do that would encourage you to repin their material. Remember “Imitation is the best form of flattery” – and a smart business concept.
  8. Be a Source of Information to your followers. Content, content, content. That is the key.  Pinterest is a wonderful platform for you to establish yourself as a leader in your field with well rounded company. This is the perfect way for you to build brand loyalty. Write good quality content articles and pin the images.
  9. Use secret boards. These secret boards are a perfect way for you to plan strategy, pin items for future use and brain storm with other members of your marketing team. Use them wisely. They are invaluable and an important part of my list of Pinterest Tips.
  10. Join active group boards. Group boards are a wonderful way to get your name out there. They normally have thousands of followers, so pins placed on the boards will have a greater chance at getting re-pinned. You may need to search them out at first but if you have great engaging boards of your own that you have made, you will find that others will invite you. I get invites almost daily for group boards and just love them!
  11. Save time spent pinning by scheduling your Pins so they will appear at the best time for repins.  I use Viral tag to schedule mine. It costs $30 a month and you can share an account, but this plan gives you unlimited pins and is worth every penny.  (affiliate link.)

If you follow these simple Pinterest Tips, you will find that more and more people will start following you, not only on Pinterest, but also on to your website.

Do you have some other Pinterest Tips that you have found useful to promote your business? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.


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