Sunflowers Say Goodbye to My Daughter Jess

My daughter Jess loves sunflowers.  This year, when I started my garden island beds, I made sure to plant them in all the beds.  They have taken off and are blooming beautifully now.  They attract bees like nothing else I have planted.  Next year, I am going to plant sunflowers around the edges of my vegetable garden bed to ensure good pollination.


Sunflowers Say Au Revoir

Jess is a senior at The University of North Carolina in Greensboro, and she will be spending the first semester of this school year studying at Hull University in the UK.  I am delighted for her but will, of course, miss her terribly.

She will be leaving on August 27th and will be home today to spend the weekend before she flies the coop.

This morning, I went out into the garden and picked a big bunch of sunflowers and black eyed Susans  to put in the front window so she will see them when she comes home today.  Hope it brightens her day:


Here are some pictures of them growing in the garden this year:



The insects love all of the sunflowers.   This pretty variety has a really dark center to it.


This tall beauty is in a garden bed and Jess and I planted together.  

Hope this makes a great send off for her!  Do you grow any flowers in your garden in memory of a relative or loved one?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

Update:  Jess moved to California just recently. And not surprisingly sunflowers got to say goodbye to her again.

I planted another garden bed, recently, in memory of five generations in my family.  Gladioli are for my dad, irises are for my mum, and heirloom green beans are for my great grandmother. Jess gets to enjoy more sunflowers, and I have hostas for me.  You can read this post here.

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