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Spring Table Centerpiece – Quick and Easy Decor Project

It’s time for a change out of my table centerpiece.  I love this type of project – gather a few supplies, poke them into the floral foam and voila – a pretty Spring Table centerpiece.

My husband made me a centerpiece box to use for Thanksgiving.  It graced my dining room table for Thanksgiving and then got a change over for Christmas.  

But it has  been sitting in the corner of my craft room all winter, waiting for me to get a burst of inspiration. Today was the day!

Spring is here and I am tired of Mother Nature not being able to make up her mind which season she thinks it should be.  (I mean really? 4 season in one week. Enough!)

This easy spring table centerpiece comes together in just a few minutes and welcomes spring on your dining room table,

Let’s make a spring table centerpiece.

All you need to make this pretty centerpiece is a long rectangular box, some floral foam cut to fit and a couple of big stems of silk flowers.

See how to make the centerpiece box here. I chose a pretty mix of mainly peonies, chrysanthemums and hydrangea flowers, as well as a few berry stems.centerpiece box and silk flowersThe hardest part of the project is just to separate the flowers from the longer floral stems. I used wire cutters and kept my stem portion about the same length.

TaDa! All ready to arrange.Separate the silk flowers

Start in the center and arrange the largest flowers. Just poke the stems into the floral foam. Balance the center by using similar flowers on each side of your large center peony.Center section of the table centerpiece

Move to the left side and use another peony angled to balance with the center one. Surround it by more pretty flowers. Poke your stems in at an angle to get the best look.Left side section of the table centerpiece

The final step is to go to the right side and mirror the left side. This way, your display will be well balanced when it is viewed as a whole.Right side section of the table centerpiece

That is all there is to it. Silk flower arranging may seem complicated but it’s really just a process of balancing the sides of a display to the center portion.  

I love the way the rustic box combines with the delicate pastel silk flowers for a pretty cottage chic look.Spring table centerpiece displayed

For an extra bit of decoration, I added a framed Easter printable in a white washed pink picture frame.  You can print out the printable and see the tutorial for the frame on my holiday site.

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