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My Staggered Planter Gets a Facelift

A few months ago, I did a tutorial on a staggered planter with house numbers on the bottom pot for great door curb appeal. This is what the planter looked like in early spring.

Staggered planter last spring

Since it is autumn now, and the planter is looking a bit sad, I wanted to change plants out for an autumn appeal for my front door.

DIY Project – Re-doing My Staggered Planter

DSCN1235The planter looked great up until recently and most of the plants were doing fairly well. But, as is typical of caladiums this time of the year, they were wilting.  Since they were the focus of the planter earlier, the whole thing needed a redo.


I removed all of the plants except for the ivy and ended up with this sad looking series of pots.

Left over plantsThese are my left over plants.  The bromeliad looks great and I wanted that in a pot of it’s own so that I can bring it in doors. It’s too pretty to lose and won’t last outside in my zone 7 b garden.  I also had a clump of impatiens that I stuck into the front border where it will still flower until frost hits it.

Finally there were the sad caladiums.  I rescued a nice clump of them that I divided. I’ll clean the dirt off them and dry them and store them inside until next spring when I can plant them again.DSCN1249These are my new plants…some creeping Jennie, a lovely Mum plant and some tall silver grass to give height to the planter.DSCN1253These are some accents I got at the dollar store just for fun.  I replanted the three layers and my new planter is back to looking great and it has a festive fall look as well! DSCN1267The top layer got the cute scarecrow, the mum and the silver grass as well as some of the leaves and a gourd.DSCN1268The middle and bottom layer got the creeping Jennie, some more leaves and another gourd.

Staggered Planter with house numbers and fall plantingsDon’t you just love that you can change the look of something so easily and inexpensively and add some seasonal decor as well?  I sure do!

Spring, Fall and NowQuite the transformation!

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