Hard Boiled Eggs – Tips and Tricks

Hard Boiled Eggs – Some Helpful TipsTips and tricks for hard boiled eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs are a favorite of many people but they can be tricky to peel and also to cook so that the yoke is nice and yellow and not greenish.  Here are some tips for perfect eggs.

  • Add baking soda to the water when you hard boil eggs. It raises the pH of the water and makes them easier to peel by reducing the egg’s ability to stick to the shell.
  • Pour a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt into the cooking water.  If any of the eggs crack while cooking, the acidity of the vinegar will interact with the egg white causing it to coagulate and possibly fill in the crack instead of leaking all over the place.
  • Cooking from cold water will allow the egg to cook gradually without cracking the shell.
  • Peel the eggs immediately under cold running water; or, if you’re not using them right away, set them in an ice water bath. This lowers the eggs’ temperature and minimizes the pressure that causes sulfur rings to form.

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One of the Gardening Cook’s Fans on Facebook, Lori Dietlin, gave me this advice for cooking her eggs beautifully.

Lori says she starts with the eggs in cold water, then brings them to a boil & then immediately turns OFF THE HEAT. She puts a lid on & lets them sit for 10 minutes. Then she drains & fills the pan with Ice & Cold water with eggs in & lets them sit. She says they peel easily because the membrane pulls away from the egg. She also suggests  that you Use older eggs too. Lori says that they peel better than fresh! No green outside the yolks!

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