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Frog Garden Decor – Frogs in the Garden – Cute Accents

These frog garden decor ideas add a touch of the whimsical to any garden setting.

Everyone seems to love frogs. That is a given. They are showing up in all sorts of garden and patio design plans. 

Whether your frogs are the DIY kind, a one of a kind creation that you have made,  or one that you have discovered as a retail purchase, these amphibians will delight kids, both young and old.

I’ve included a group of outdoor frog decor items from Amazon and Etsy at the bottom of the post to purchase if you like the look.

Ceramic frog sitting on a rock in a garden.

These frog statues add vitality and color to a lifeless garden

Here are a few of my favorite frog garden ornaments, statues and metal figures. Which one do you like best?

These frog decor ideas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some feature rocks as the groundwork and others are just plain cute.

Ceramic frogs to paint on a painted fence.

Get out your paints and paintbrushes! Frog painting ideas are all the rage. 

In this image, not only has the metal frog been painted in vibrant colors, but the fence behind has, too. This look is sure to attract attention!

Frog Garden Decor: Green stones made into a frog.Gather some appropriate sized rocks and paint them green and black into frog shapes.

When they are dry use an E6000 glue to assemble them into these frog shapes.  Just adorable!  Source:  Imgur 

Two blue frogs in a garden pot.

This cute frog yard decor idea shows that you can easily incorporate whimsical frog decor into any garden pot. Old ceramic frog statues could have been added to the trash but, instead, have been recycled and look really cute as a pot ornament.

The two frogs are “just chillin'” against the grass plant, and remind us to do the same.

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Ceramic frog sitting on driftwood in a planter.Ceramic garden frogs can be used in so many ways in the garden. Use them as stand alone statues or as planter additions.

The position of this figure is perfect for the piece of drift wood and seems right at home with the cactus plants.

Frog Garden Decor: Green frog garden statue with a perplexed look.

This adorable frog garden statue seems perplexed.

Come to think of it, I often have that look on my face when gardening. It usually means I am trying to figure out where to plant my new daylilies.

Perhaps that is his problem too!

Frog ornament in a bird bath.

This adorably cute frog is a great addition to the bird bath. His laughter seems contagious!

I doubt the birds will mind sharing the water with him.

Frog Princess in St. Petersburg.

This impressive display features a large figure of a frog princess with pink flowers in a park of Saint Petersburg.

Parks and Botanic Gardens often have amazing displays like this. The Raleigh Botanic Garden here in Raleigh has a dragon figure that is similar.

Frog Garden Decor: Large metal frog yard art near some plants on a patio.

Large metal yard art is increasing in popularity right now. All types of animals end up as yard art decorations.

In this look, a large metal frog seems right at home, sniffing the plants on this patio! Perhaps he is looking for his next meal.

Painted statue of a frog lying in the sun.

This cute ceramic frog statue takes the term “enjoying the sun” to a whole new level.

Meditating frog statues for your garden.

These two frog statues will add a fun touch to your meditation garden.

They might even remind us to join them in a yoga pose!

Frog Garden Decor: Frog metal yard art with open mouth.

More large metal frog yard art, this time with a big open mouth. 

If I had that frog decor, I’d fill his mouth with over flowing succulents or trailing plants. How cute that would be!

Frog garden topiary from Busch Gardens.

This amazing frog topiary is from the Bird Gardens area of Busch Gardens Park. He looks as though he is ready to jump into the water any moment.

Source: Flickr.

Frog planter made with tires.

Do you have some old tires? Don’t throw them away. Recycle them into this whimsical frog planter.

It makes a great lawn decoration and you can use the inside of the tires to plant flowers.

Frog Garden Decor: Metal frog playing a banjo on a garden stump.

This cute frog garden statue is perfect for those who love music in their garden

His placement shows that even a tree stump is a good place to display him!

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Admin note: this post for using frogs in the garden first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post to add new frog decor ideas, a shopping area, and a video for you to enjoy.

Garden Frog Decor - Add a Touch of the Whimsical to Your Garden

Garden frog decor is so cute. It adds a whimsical touch and reminds us to be a kid again.

Do you want to add some to your garden? Check out these ideas from Amazon and Etsy.

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Wednesday 19th of October 2016

I can't find the cast iron frog door stop anywhere! It doesn't show up on Plow & Hearth (where you note it is available). Do you know where I can find this?


Thursday 20th of October 2016

Hi Rebecca. My blog normally alerts me when a product has sold out so that I can change the wording, but this did not happen in this case. I searched for it on the site and they no longer offer the product and I also can't find it anywhere else. It's a shame, since it is so cute! Carol

Marie Parks

Saturday 16th of July 2016

Re: the green/black frog rocks. What did you use for their black eyes?


Saturday 16th of July 2016

Hi Marie. The photo was shared from Imgur (link below the photo) but it looks to me like rounded metal spheres that have been cut in half. They are hollow on the inside of the eye. Painted black and a small piece of metal attached for the eyeball. Carol

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