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Food Art – Artistic License in the Kitchen

Food carving and creative food art is something that requires a great deal of patience to end up with just the perfect result. 

I love seeing what creative people can do with food to make it into an art form.

Food is soft and this makes it the perfect medium for carving into life-like objects.

There is some disagreement about when food and vegetable carving started, but many think that it was first practiced in Thailand over 700 years ago.

No matter the origin, there is no disputing that it is artistic and creative!

Round up of Creative Food Art Creations

Food Art – Creative use of Food

Here are some of my favorite food art creations.

Holly Christmas Cake. So pretty!This gorgeous cake is truly a work of art.  The holly and fir leaves are so realistic looking.  Shared from Taste of Home.Rainbow Cupcake This rainbow cupcake just needs a pot of gold! – Shared from Pastry

Pear MandolinPear in the shape of a mandolin.  Very creative and perfect for a music lover! – Source Vladimir Kush 

 Lady bugs in a sandwichLady Bug in a sandwich. I love the use of herbs for grass – Source  – Pinterest.

Pheasant made totally out of food.This pheasant is totally constructed of food.  Source Pinterest.  

Kitty Food plateToo darned cute for words!  This rice kitten on his back will delight the kiddos.  Source – Pinterest

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