Fans of the Gardening Cook share their favorite planters

Do you have a favorite planter that you want to share? My Facebook page fans did.

Gardening Cook Fans - favorite  planters

When it comes to creative planters, the sky seems to be the limit.  Almost anything with an opening can become a garden planter.  I recently asked The Gardening Cook Facebook fans to submit their planter creations.  Here are some of my fan favorites:

Planter of succulentsFrom Diamond Victoria.  Great planter of cacti and succulents!

Planters in a courtyard.Kelly Bear Shared this grouping of planters. It makes a nice secluded area in her garden.

Stunning collection of planters with a bird cage at back.This is a stunning selection of planters with small tables, a starfish and bird cage as accent pieces.  I just love it.  Thanks for sharing Liffin.

Blue Jean plantersKecia shared these adorable Blue jean planters for her stepmother and mother in law for mother’s day, using her son’s old jeans. What a special gift!

Blue Jean plantersIf you like blue jean planters, this is another cute idea that I found on The New Girl on The Blog. So cute.

Planter Grouping from page fan LiffinThis is such a rustic collection. Shared from page fan Liffin.  Just love this arrangement and that weather vane is a great addition!

Clog plantersHow creative can you get?  Clogs planted with succulents and other pretties that are attached up a stucco wall.  Thanks from Gardening Cook page fan Rene.Layered planter

Marlene made this layered planter with graduated sized pots.  I love those Caladiums at the top Marlene!

Guitar planter with Ivy.Amanda shared her Guitar turned planter that has ivy growing from it!

Wishing Well planterBeth has a great looking wishing well planter!

Bicycle planterAnother one from Beth – great use of a bicycle and those painted saws!

Golf bag and shoe planterThis is one of my favorites shared by Phyllis of Lemon Bean and Things. You can view her tutorial for the planters by clicking on the link for her blog.

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