DIY No Carve Sunflower Pumpkin

DIY No Carve Sun Flower Pumpkin

Here is another idea for those of you who do not like the mess of a carved pumpkin. It’s also one that gardeners will love!  This sun flower pumpkin uses the heads of sunflowers or any other colorful daisy like flower to cover the outside of the pumpkin. Silk flowers make the decoration last for a few months too.

No Carve Sun Flower PumpkinMy daughter’s favorite flowers are sunflowers. so this project really appeals to me.

To make the project, you will need a faux pumpkin with a nice looking stalk (that is all you will see of it when the project is done, so make it a good one!).  A real pumpkin would also work fine, but you will be punching holes in it so it will eventually break down. If you use a faux pumpkin, the whole thing could be stored for another year.

To make the project you will need:

Cut the wire into small pieces and wrap it around the stem of each sunflower head.  Attach a floral pin to each piece.  Pin the sunflowers all over the pumpkin and display.

If you love the look of pumpkin decor but hate the mess of cleaning a pumpkin and carving it, be sure to check out my other article for loads of no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

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