Creative Gardening Ideas

Thinking Outside the Box with These Creative Gardening Ideas

I must admit that I am not a normal gardener.  I don’t enjoy conventional landscape plans. I don’t invest in fancy garden structures or planters.   To me, a garden should show the style of the person who lives near it.  And I love to use existing things from around the house if possible.

Creative ideas on a budgetThese are a few Creative Gardening Ideas that are great for those on a budget.  I would love to try any and all of them.

creative gardening ideasI am a musician at heart and this bass fiddle planted with impatiens is just lovely.  I’ve also seen this with an old piano.  The weather would get to it eventually but it would be lovely for a time.  Source:  Img Fave.

creative gardeing ideas rustic pailOne of my all time favorites. A rusty pail with an acrylic tear drop purchased from any Michael’s store makes this faucet very special.  The only source I can find for this project is Pinterest.  (If you are the originator of the idea, please provide a link and I’ll update the source link.)

creative gardening ideas tree stumpI’ve also seen old tree stumps made into checker’s tables.  I love the flowers on top and around it.  Makes an eyesore just lovely.  Source:  Moteris. It

teapotI love the way the tea pot drips water into the simple planter arrangement.  Source Julie S on Hometalk.

Old rake makes a great tool holder.An old rake head fashioned into a tool holder. Such a creative idea!  Source Better Homes and Gardens.

herbs labelsThese are so easy to do an yet so effective.  Will need try make some herb labels like this for my garden this year.  Source:  Simple Details.

Do you have other creative gardening ideas you would like to share?  Please add your ideas in the comment section below.  I would love to hear your suggestions.


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  1. Fiona Bell
    01/28/2016 at 8:29 am

    looking for levingtons organic blend

    • Fiona Bell
      01/28/2016 at 8:34 am

      I just wanted to buy some Levington’s organic blend. I believe I have ordered it from you before.
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      • Carol
        01/28/2016 at 10:28 am

        I don’t sell garden products. Amazon UK has it in stock.

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