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Creative Garden Signs – Dress up your yard.

I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of creative garden signs to give you some ideas for ways to dress up your garden space.

There is nothing like a creative and funny garden sign to add a touch of whimsy to your garden. They invite guests to explore your garden space in a friendly and, often comical, way. 

Garden Signs give you a chance to  create cute, funny, poetic, and funny ways to make your outdoor space unique.

Keep reading for some ideas to inspire you.

Creative garden signs

Creative gardening ideas often means thinking outside the box.  Garden signs add personality to any garden setting.

Do you have a spot for one of these creative garden signs?

The following creative garden signs should give you some inspiration for your garden.  Why not get out your paint and make yourself something similar?

Trespassers will be compostedTrespassers will be Composted!  This one really made me laugh!  Shared from Haunted Gardens

Born to garden, Forced to work sign.Born to garden Forced To Work. Is that ever my motto!  Shared from Etsy.

Ring the bell. If no one answers pull the weeds.Ring the bell.  If no one answers pull the weeds. I need this sign! Shared from Trimble Crafts at Etsy.

Time Began in a Garden sign made of a headboardTime began in a garden sign made of a headboard.  Very creative use of a cast off item! Shared from Notes from a Cottage Industry.

Bless my bloomers Garden signBless my bloomers Garden sign  Shared from Make the Best of things

Do you have a fun garden sign to share?  I’d love to see it in the comments below. I’ll feature some of my favorites in this post.

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Chawin's Workshop

Sunday 21st of January 2024

I'm just reaching out to let you know that having just discovered your website and Facebook page, I went to the PINTEREST link here on your Facebook page. JUST SO YOU'RE AWARE, the link takes us to someone else's Pineterest account (a CAROLINE Speake, not you, Carol!) I'm a real person, not a bot....just thought you should know.

Carol Speake

Sunday 21st of January 2024

Thank you so much for letting me know this. I fixed it so that it links to my page on Pinterest.

Stephanie choo

Monday 23rd of May 2016

Wonderful captures! Indeed the wordings are very creative :) TQ.

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